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Trends Of The Week

A Smart EpiPen Case Lets Family Know You’re Having an Allergy Attack

Anyone dealing with severe allergies always carries an EpiPen. In an emergency it provides an injectable dose of epinephrine to narrow blood vessels and open airways to help minimize the dangerous symptoms of an allergy attack, and when used with the new Veta case that's designed to safely store the EpiPen, it can automatically let your family or friends know when you're having an allergy attack. Read more..

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74 Times Shay Mitchell Looked Superglam on Instagram

With Pretty Little Liars returning this week and Shay Mitchell's surprise appearance on what seemed like the ultimate It-girl vacation , our fangirl status for the actress has, admittedly, started to multiply. We can't help scrolling through her Instagram , liking snap after snap of statement jewels, edgy sunglasses, and a variety of funny graphic t-shirts. We wouldn't expect anything less from the second half of Amore and Vita : Shay's got style, and lots of it

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