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Trends Of The Week

Street Style That Proves You Need Tropical Prints This Spring

Prints are so popular this season - and the bigger and bolder, the better. We partnered with Kmart to share how tropical prints should be in your Spring wardrobe rotation. We're loving all the vibrant prints and colors of the season - bringing a freshness to whatever we're wearing

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The 19 Pieces Almost Every New York Girl Owns

After you live in New York City for a while you start to notice that the ladies of the island gravitate to many of the same fashion items, regardless of differences in their overall style. There are just certain pieces that Manhattan girls can't seem to get enough of, and they're not all as edgy as you might expect! So, for the sake of upping your knowledge on how city girls really dress (and allowing you to replicate the look yourself), we’ve rounded up their absolute favorite items.

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FTC hits back; Google investigation integrity questioned again

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is coming out against statements made last week by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), as well as new claims that Google had used its political ties to the Obama administration to obtain a favorable outcome in the FTC investigation into alleged anti-trust and unfair internet search practices. The FTC states that such claims are unfounded … Continue reading

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