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Trends Of The Week

16 Stylish Father’s Day Gifts That Will Make Dad Proud

It's a widely known fact in girl world that guys are hard to shop for. But, after much Dad research and guy-product surfing, we're confident we've come up with a pretty sweet set of gifts for Father's Day . We've tapped into our favorite retailers to produce a guide that speaks to each man in your life - whether he's old school or a hip, first-time father - with everything from a classic leather wallet to a fresh pair of kicks.

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Blackberry redoes its Passport with incoming Oslo

Photos of the incoming Blackberry Oslo have made their way onto the internet thanks to a possible demo model leak. The Oslo is Blackberry's successor to the Passport. This phone, or phablet, could have very well come out as the Passport 2, but Blackberry chose to give the phone a more Scandinavian moniker

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