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Trends Of The Week

Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Note Just Became a T-Shirt?!

Former lead singer of Nirvana Kurt Cobain took his own life 21 years ago. Unfortunately, since then his death has become highly controversial and publicized. But while a life of fame meant his friends and family would receive (often inappropriate) attention from the media, we've never seen something as disrespectful and disappointing as this tee: a three-quarter-sleeved baseball shirt with a blown-up version of the musician's suicide note, retailing at $25 on eBay .

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#TuesdayShoesday: 10 Winter-Weather-Ready Boots

Early last December it came as a surprise when L.L. Bean announced that their iconic Bean Boot was in high demand and consequently on major backorder. Since this massive shortage proved the desire for stylish and durable winter boots, today we’re sharing our top ten picks! So, skip the waiting list and shop the coolest snow boots sure to keep your feet warm and outfit looking fresh this cold-weather season!

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