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Trends Of The Week

These "Boring" Shoes Were Never for Me—Until Now

Calling these shoes "boring" may be a little harsh, but I wouldn't necessarily categorize them as the most exciting pair of shoes to own. Much like neutral pumps and block-heel ankle boots , loafers tend to be the more underrated of all shoes despite the fact that they're likely the pairs doing most of the legwork in our wardrobes. I, for one, always knew that a pair of solid loafers would be (in theory) a practical footwear choice, but I couldn't get past the idea of the shoes as "stuffy" and, well, boring. I'm sorry if you're a loafer wearer and this offends you

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Overwatch free-to-play weekend for PC, Xbox, and PS4 starts August 23

Blizzard has announced another upcoming Overwatch free-to-play weekend, this one set to begin on August 23. This upcoming weekend promotion shortly follows a similar free-to-play Overwatch weekend that took place late last month, but that one was only open to PC gamers. All progress made during the free weekend will be available to players who choose to buy the game

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