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Trends Of The Week

New Xbox Avatar Editor app incoming (closer this time)

Today we’re having a peek at some leaked images and video of the next Xbox Avatar Editor. This is the place where users are able to roll with whatever human body, body parts, clothing, and accessories they wish. The differences between the avatar editors of olde and this next-gen editor are few, but important

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Behold: All the Spring Outfit Inspo You Could Ever Ask For

We’ll go ahead and cut the usual chatter about spring being just around the corner —as our vitamin C levels and elevated moods clearly show, the new season is really, truly here. Our wardrobes, however, are a bit behind, thanks to an unfortunate procrastination habit we just can’t quit. (That thrill we get at just making deadline might serve us well in our careers, but it’s not always as useful in our day-to-day lives.) You can imagine our delight, then, at all the winning warm-weather looks we glimpsed when we hosted an event in L.A.

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