The EnviroMinute series gives a fresh, good news approach to the environment in 60-seconds. Airing nationally, each feature looks at solutions developed by companies around the globe.

Trends Of The Week

The Shady Way Shops Beat America’s 25-Year Car Import Rule

Last month, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents raided All JDM Motors , a Japanese car import and parts shop in South Carolina, and seized computers and documents after authorities discovered a 1996 Nissan R33 Skyline GT-R hidden within a shipping container destined for the dealer

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SpaceX nails launch & landing of a used rocket for second time

SpaceX‘s record of success continues to grow as the space company successfully launched and landed a used Falcon 9 rocket for the second time on Friday. As the second instance of reusing one of its rockets, this marks 12 completed landings out of 17 attempts for SpaceX, and the 7th successful recovery at sea, where the rocket’s first stage touches … Continue reading

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