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Trends Of The Week

Google Coach fitness and health AI assistant for smartwatches tipped

Google is working on a personal fitness and health assistant, according to a new leak, and it’s reportedly called Google Coach. The new personal assistant is allegedly being developed for wearable devices and will utilize what Google already knows about a user to proactively make recommendations, among other things. Google Coach isn’t limited just to activities, according to the report, … Continue reading

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Your Favorite Childhood Accessory Is Back With a 2018 Twist

It's time to gear up for Fall again, and this year, you need a cute backpack. Tote bags are great, but heavy laptops, cosmetic cases, and books can really wreak havoc on your shoulders. Plus, backpacks are cool again , so nobody will look twice at your bag of choice, except to admire it! The silhouette is modern and very chic; it shows the world that you've got places to go, but you still want to look great getting there

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