Spring Home Tips with Justine Santaneillo

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SPRING HOME TIPS with Justine Santaniello

Spring has sprung and that means it’s the perfect time to refresh and renew after the winter blues! Lifestyle and Trends expert Justine Santaniello partnered with some of her favorite brands to help you get that first deep cleaning of the New Year!

Now you can wash more clothes without sacrificing the clean! Check out this washer and dryer combo!

Top Load Washer with the Deep Fill Option and PowerWash® Cycle and Large Capacity Dryer with Steam-Enhanced Cycles

Top Load Washer with the Deep Fill Option and PowerWash® Cycle and Large Capacity Dryer with Steam-Enhanced Cycles

The large capacity of this Maytag® Top Load Washer tackles your spring cleaning with a PowerWash® agitator that provides concentrated cleaning and robust wash action to help remove tough stains. It is also the largest capacity of top load agitator washers available at 4.7 cu. Ft.,* with the ability to wash up to 18 towels in one load. It pairs perfectly with the Large Capacity Dryer Model ME/MGDB755D with Steam-Enhanced Cycles and Advanced Moisture sensing. Freshen up your household items, including pillows, small kitchen and bathroom rugs, comforters and more, using the pair.

*Among leading brands

  • Priced at:
    • $899.00 – Washer (MVWB765FW)
    • $949.00 – Dryer (MEDB755DW)
  • Available for purchase through major retailers nationwide and online at www.maytag.com. You can find your nearest retailer at www.maytag.com.
  • For more information, visit www.maytag.com.

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Spring cleaning can be as simple as eliminating excess stuff from your home…But you don’t have to throw it all out or give it all away. Check out this tip!



SpareFoot.com is the largest marketplace for storage, making it easier to move and store your stuff. The website lets you find and compare the best storage deals near you, and instantly rent online or by phone for free. With the most up-to-date information on storage available, SpareFoot makes finding your stuff a home the easiest thing to cross off your to-do list.

With full-service storage from SpareFoot.com, you can schedule a time to have your extra stuff picked up; they’ll take care of the rest.

  • A full-service storage provider brings a truck and moving team to your door, loads your items up and transports them to their secure facility for storage. With full-service storage, your rates never go up.
  • Need something back? Just call the provider to tell them what you need. They’ll schedule a return delivery at your convenience and bring your items back on demand.
  • For more information, visit www.SpareFoot.com.

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“Wring” in the spring cleaning season by making tough jobs easier! Check out this must-have for cleaning hard floors!

O-Cedar® EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System

O-Cedar® EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System

Spring cleaning just got easier with O-Cedar’s EasyWringTM Spin Mop & Bucket System, the leading traditional floor cleaning product. Its exclusive spin bucket design with built-in wringer controls the mop’s moisture level, making it safe to use on all hard floor surfaces, even hardwood! With the hands-free wringer there is no more bending down to wring! Simply press the foot pedal to control of how much water you use. The result is no mess and faster drying floors. The EasyWringTM Spin Mop & Bucket System is a fun, effortless way to tackle deep or quick clean floor tasks this spring cleaning season.

  • Priced at $39.99.
  • Available for purchase at retailers nationwide.
  • For more information, visit www.ocedar.com/easywring.

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If you’re going to clean, make sure you have the tools on hand that are multi-purpose and easy to use…check out this time saver!

Clorox® Clean-Up® Cleaner + Bleach

Clorox® Clean-Up® Cleaner + Bleach

According to The Clorox Company’s recent survey, half of Americans struggle to work up the motivation to get started on their spring cleaning regime. During this “Season of Clean,” Clorox wants to help you get motivated by simplifying your to-do list and providing products that are multi-purpose and easy-to-use. The Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner + Bleach is specially designed to clean and disinfect a variety of messes on a wide range of surfaces. From the kitchen to the bathroom, Clorox Clean-Up + Bleach is a true multi-tasking hero. For more of Clorox’s spring cleaning tips, tricks and life hacks, visit www.SeasonofClean.com.

  • Pricing ranges according to quantity and location.
  • Available for purchase online and in retail stores nationwide.
  • For more information, visit www.seasonofclean.com.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Clorox
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Listen up pet owners, we found the perfect solution for cleaning your carpets this season!

BISSELL Carpet Cleaning Pet Stain Products

BISSELL ProHeat 2X® Revolution™ Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner
BISSELL Oxy Stain Destroyer Pet for Carpet and Upholstery
BISSELL 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula
BISSELL Oxy Boost Carpet Cleaning Formula Enhancer

After months of pets and kids tracking in winter slush, carpet cleaning should be at the top of spring cleaning to-do lists. The new ProHeat 2X® Revolution™ Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner is BISSELL’s best deep cleaning system for pet messes and stains. To get the most dirt out of your carpet, BISSELL recommends a three-step formula process:

  • Step 1: Permanently remove tough set-in stains like mud, dirt and grass by pre-treating stains with BISSELL Oxy Stain Destroyer Pet for Carpet and Upholstery.
  • Step 2: Use BISSELL 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula in your carpet cleaning machine for professional-grade cleaning power to give your carpet a deep-down clean.
  • Step 3: Add BISSELL Oxy Boost Carpet Cleaning Formula Enhancer to the machine formula to brighten your carpet and improve cleaning performance.
  • Pricing:
    • $249.99 – BISSELL ProHeat 2X® Revolution™ Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner
    • $5.99 – BISSELL Oxy Stain Destroyer Pet for Carpet and Upholstery
    • $21.99 – BISSELL 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula
    • $12.99 – BISSELL Oxy Boost Carpet Cleaning Formula Enhancer
  • Available for purchase at www.bissell.com and at major retailers.
  • For more information, visit www.bissell.com.

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*Content Provided and Sponsored by Maytag, SpareFoot.com, O-Cedar®, Clorox® and BISSELL®.

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