5-Movie Blu-ray Collection from the Written Works of Stephen King and The Haunting Blu-ray

Make your home the place for Halloween tricks and treats with these horror classics now on high definition Blu-ray!  The 5-Movie Blu-ray Collection features five films based on the written works of Stephen King for one very affordable price and the classic ghost story “The Haunting” starring Liam Neeson, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Owen Wilson is now available in a limited-edition Blu-ray with collectible packaging and new bonus content.

  • Priced around $23.00 for The Haunting and around $28.00 for the 5-Movie Stephen King Collection.
  • Available for purchase at www.ParamountMovies.com for links to the 5-Movie Collection and The Haunting Blu-ray.
  • For more information, visit www.ParamountMovies.com.

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