BodyGuardz ECO PRTX and Ace Pro

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Cell phone drops are inevitable, so screen and cell phone body protection are essential. BodyGuardz has made it so a customer doesn’t have to sacrifice protection and performance of their case or screen protector to be able to do the right thing and minimize their impact on the environment. They have 7 different cases in 2021 made with 100% sustainable materials and 100% recyclable packaging.

Their ECO PRTX is the world’s first TUV Green Mark Product certified screen protector. This means there’s no trade-off between protecting your phone and preserving our planet. You get scratch-resistant, shatterproof protection for your phone so your screen won’t crack, chip, or break. You’ll love the optimal clarity and precise touch sensitivity, along with edge-to-edge coverage and case friendly design. Now you can protect your smartphone and minimize your impact on the environment at the same time. You can find the ECO PRTX for $54.95 at Best Buy, AT&T and

And BodyGuardz also has seven different cell phone body cases made out of sustainable materials and fully recyclable packaging. Their Ace Pro offers a slim profile with a highly protective case. It starts with Unequal®—a patent-pending impact material used in top athletic body armor. Made from 100% bioplastics for the first time, the Ace Pro is now a fully sustainable phone case. It’s also stronger than ever with a 12-foot drop rating, and they’ve tweaked the grip for increased comfort. Try the Ace Pro on your new iPhone 13 series device and elevate your smartphone experience. You can find the Ace Pro for $39.95 at Best Buy, AT&T and

Both would also make an awesome holiday gift this year! For more environmental stories, check out EnviroMinute.

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