Catan and Pandemic – The Board Game

Catan – Since 1995, CATAN (formerly The Settlers of Catan) has been captivating players the world over. From board game newcomers to the most seasoned players, CATAN offers something for everyone. It’s the perfect gift for Dad for family game night, or for your grad about to head out for college! Catan is a new experience every time you play, with the constantly shifting game board creating endless possibilities – not to mention the unique “co-opetition” aspect where players must trade, track and understand how to navigate their own path to victory while staying a few moves ahead of everyone else at the table!

Pandemic – Here’s a timely and pretty unique game – Pandemic has you teaming up with a group of players to take down a virus threatening the world as we know it? Sound familiar? We’ve found this game to be a great way to process and think about the global situation while also having an awesome time where no one’s feelings can get hurt. Since you’re playing with everyone at the table, the game shines in a collaborative group that will appreciate its uniquely cinematic – one that’s more rooted in a Hollywood blockbuster movie than in hardcore science – take on how a virus outbreak can affect population centers around the planet.

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