COLAB Dry Shampoo

COLAB is a multi-award-winning dry shampoo, globally loved for its power to transform greasy, lifeless hair into head turning luscious locks.

This incredible weightless formula effectively absorbs oil with an invisible* lightweight finish, leaving hair revived and refreshed without its’ natural body and bounce being compromised. And best of all, COLAB has been uniquely formulated for all hair types, colors and textures. One can, a myriad of different hair types – we’ve got you covered!

Developed using a very fine starch, COLAB uses tiny particles that, whilst absorbing excess oil and grease from the scalp mean that less product is required and sprayed onto the hair. Less product means no powdery build up. Our revolutionary technical formula instantly refreshes roots, leaving absolutely no white residue. It leaves hair not only looking healthy, clean and vibrant but also beautifully fragranced.

How to use? Just section hair, spray lightly from a distance, massage in and style/comb through with fingers or a brush. Totally fuss free! In addition to refreshing hair, COLAB is also amazing as a pre-styler. It can be used to create both volume and lift by adding texture and keeping styles in place. It’s an absolute hair essential when styling braids.

Born & bred in the UK, COLAB is a cruelty free, paraben free & vegan friendly product. We pride ourselves on producing a fabulous product that delivers amazing performance at an accessible price point.

  • Priced at $5.49.
  • Available for purchase at Target, Rite Aid and Walmart.
  • For more information, visit

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*Content Provided by COLAB.

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