Documenting Yellowstone – Highlighting the importance of preserving the beauty and grandeur of Yellowstone National Park

Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, is proud of its continued support of Yellowstone Forever and steadfast commitment to social responsibility. Programs that support environmental health – and local communities – are more vital than ever.

Visual storytelling plays a critical role in advancing those efforts – whether through photography or videography. By featuring striking imagery that highlights Yellowstone National Park’s pristine landscapes, we can offer a more intimate understanding of the park’s delicate ecosystems and the diverse wildlife it hosts. These important projects contribute to Canon’s corporate philosophy of Kyosei – which is defined as, “All people, regardless of race, religion, or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the future.”

The images come from the lens of Charles “Chas” Glatzer, a photographer and Canon Explorer of Light, who has spent decades photographing inside Yellowstone National Park. Glatzer has ventured time and time again into the challenging elements and varied terrains of the nation’s inaugural national park, employing Canon cameras to immortalize rare moments in nature and oft-unseen wildlife that remain only in the imagination of most.

To embark on an awe-inspiring Yellowstone journey, click here: for a dynamic video by Canon Creator Nathan Lee Allen, narrated by Glatzer. Nathan is a professional outdoor, travel and adventure photographer, videographer and content creator. As a Canon Creator, he has traveled the world creating beautiful, bold, boundless, and beneficial content.

All images and video were created using the hybrid EOS R5 C. The hybrid camera effortlessly captures both photo and video, empowering Chas and Nathan to unleash their creative potential while capturing the majesty of Yellowstone National Park.

We hope you enjoy the grandeur, mystery and unequivocal beauty of Yellowstone National Park.

*Content Provided and Sponsored by Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Photo credit: Canon Explorer of Light Charles ‘Chas’ Glatzer using a Canon EOS R5 C Mirrorless Cinema Camera

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