Father’s Day Gifts with Chassie Post

Father’s Day is right around the corner, so to make sure dad gets something he’s going to love this year, Lifestyle Expert Chassie Post and InTheNews.TV teamed up with a couple of brands for two picks that will be sure to put a smile on the special guy in your life! From the practical and stylish to the fun and exciting…check them out below!

For the dads that love style, this will give him a self-confidence boost!

Old Spice Stylers: Pomade, Putty, Paste, Styling Cream and Clay

Old Spice Stylers: Pomade, Putty, Paste, Styling Cream and Clay

While Old Spice men’s hair styling products are available in each of the most popular forms (pomade, putty, paste, etc), they are all specially designed to help guys look their best and achieve the confidence that comes with knowing you have great hair.

  • Available for purchase online or in-store at retailers nationwide.
  • For more information, scan the QR code above.

Rev your engines – If your dad is a fan of Hot Wheels, then this will definitely make him say WOW! 

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally is a new mixed reality racing game where players design and create the ultimate Hot Wheels race track right at home. In Hot Wheels: Rift Rally, the real world is blended with over-the-top digital environments using Velan’s patented RC mixed reality vehicle tech. Players can race their Chameleon RC car across custom tracks, perform stunts, play mini-games and compete against friends with cross-platform co-op features new to the genre. Hot Wheels: Rift Rally features 22 core cars and more than 140 variants, offering players endless options to customize the look and performance of their favorite Hot Wheels.

*Content Provided and Sponsored by Old Spice and Velan Studios.

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