Hurricane Preparedness 2019 with Cheryl Nelson

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Millions of Americans could avoid personal and financial stress during power outages caused by hurricanes through a key home improvement: Cummins QuietConnect Home Standby generator.

Cummins QuietConnect Series Home Standby Generators

Cummins QuietConnect Series Home Standby Generators

Cummins recently (2018) conducted a nationwide survey to understand the financial and emotional toll these devastating storms can have on local communities, which further validated the need for families to be prepared.

One thousand Americans who have experienced hurricanes and power outages were surveyed, and 75 percent wished they had been more prepared, with 67 percent wishing they had back-up power for their home. 52 percent of those who felt ill-prepared wanted more food and water and 48 percent desired flashlights, batteries and phone chargers. In addition, 69 percent of respondents missed the basics like air conditioning (41 percent) and lights, washer/dryer and hot water (28 percent).

Cummins home generators empower your peace of mind. Cummins is the brand homeowners trust for reliability, durability and power. With a Cummins home generator, your family won’t be left in the dark. Your natural gas or liquid propane fueled generator automatically delivers power quietly and quickly during a utility outage.

The QuietConnect™ series of home standby generators is enhanced with features – like weather protective, sound insulated enclosures – for a best-in-class 65dB or lower noise, approximately the same volume as a normal conversation. Cummins generators are engineered, tested, and manufactured in the USA.

The QuietConnect™ series also offer remote diagnostics capabilities, incredibly efficient operation, extremely compact design, intelligent load management.

In areas that routinely experience temperatures below freezing, cold weather kits include component heaters to prevent generator freeze ups.

When utility power fails, the automatic transfer switch automatically connects your generator to your home’s electrical system, enabling it to power your home.

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