Kamik Sienna 3 and Sierra Winter Boots

Stay toasty and fashionable with the Kamik Sienna 3 and Sierra versatile, winter boots for women and girls! Featuring a combination of waterproof leather and a stylish water-resistant knit or flannel upper, each style is as comfortable and warm as it is chic. Kamik’s proprietary, lightweight synthetic RubberHe bottom keeps steps light all day and the HEAT-MXTM sustainable thermal insulation keeps feet warm down to -20°C/-4° F. The leather is also from a tannery rated gold for its water, energy, and waste management practices, plus they are made in North America!

  • Priced at $139.99 for the Sienna Winter Boot and $89.99 for the Sierra Winter Boot.
  • Available for purchase and for more information, visit www.Kamik.com.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/KamikUnitedStates
Instagram: @KamikOfficial
Hashtags: #KamikStepOutside

*Content Provided by Kamik Footwear.

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