Kaspersky Plus

Kaspersky Plus protects you and your payment data while you’re shopping online this holiday season, and it will protect the entire family’s new gadgets from malware, so those devices keep working properly, and so your family’s personal data will be kept safe and private.

Kaspersky Plus includes a password manager, payment protection, PC speedup and a VPN for private, optimized streaming, browsing and gaming.

It protects Mac, PC and mobile devices from ransomware, phishing and other attacks.

For just a dollar more you can upgrade to Kaspersky Premium, for premium support, remote IT services, and a free parental control app.

  • Priced at $18.99 to protect 3 devices for 1 year and $21.99 for 5 devices.
  • Available for purchase and for more information, visit usa.kaspersky.com/home-security.

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Instagram: @KasperskyLab
Twitter: @kaspersky
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