KOHLER Bidet Seats

Feeling clean is a fundamental need. When we’re clean, we feel more confident and comfortable. The fact is, toilet tissue alone doesn’t get you as clean as you can be. Upgrade to a KOHLER bidet toilet seat for a cleaner, more refreshing bathroom experience. Kohler’s Purewash™ manual bidet seat offers ambient-water cleansing and a wand that automatically rinses after each use for maximum cleanliness. The C3®-230 bidet seat offers additional features such as a heated seat, warm-water cleansing and air-drying for enhanced comfort. All Kohler bidet seats are designed for maximum comfort and personal hygiene to leave you feeling all clean.

  • Prices starting at $189.75 with the Purewash at $216.65 and the C3-230 starting at $1,581.25.
  • Available for purchase at www.Kohler.com, Kohler Signature stores nationwide, KOHLER Experience Centers (NYC + LA), plumbing showrooms and select e-commerce retailers.
  • For more information, visit www.Kohler.com/BidetSeats.

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