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Trends Of The Week

Facebook user’s fake suicide threat lands him in psych ward

In our modern world, people often take their woes online, leaving hints about private troubles or outright threatening suicide as a last-ditch cry for help. Facebook, being the most popular of social networks, is one of the places a person is likely to turn, and so it isn't surprising the company has implemented so-called suicide prevention tools. Those tools were … Continue reading

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Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights illuminate the road ahead of you

Those who want their shoes to be smarter, but only a little smarter, have a new option in the form of miniature headlights: the Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights. These shoe lights feature LED bulbs that are just bright enough to light up the road ahead of you, whether it's asphalt or a hiking path or something else entirely, allowing … Continue reading

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