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Trends Of The Week

Your Best Apple Watch Glimpse Yet In Four Official Videos

Will the Apple Watch be so radically different we won’t understand how to use it at first? Perhaps so: Apple has produced a series of videos to teach Watch-wearers how the interface will work—videos which give us the best look yet at what our wrist-computer future might hold. (They also double as handy marketing tools.) Read more...

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You Won’t See Any Microminis in This Week’s Top 10

As the weather warms up, you would expect hemlines to get shorter - especially on the red carpet, where provocative style is the norm even in the dead of Winter. Yet this week, we saw almost anything but itty-bitty microminis, with stars opting to go longer in length , from knee-grazing to midcalf. Take Bella Thorne for example: while this 17-year-old rarely shies away from showing some skin , she ended up pairing her crop top with a tea-length skirt on Thursday.

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Beauty Secrets from the Coolest Female DJs

In case you missed the memo, electronic music is totally hot right now (kidding, no one’s missed the memo). Perhaps the most admirable thing about DJs—other than their ability to make us like Justin Bieber again —is their stamina. If you’ve ever been to an EDM show, you’ll know that most headliners grace the stage for at least two hours, and usually more if it’s 2 a.m.

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