Spring Renewal with Mario Armstrong

It’s Spring! And you’re probably already cleaning, but did you know that it’s also the perfect time to update and refresh your tech and organize your finances? Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong and KillerApps.com teamed up with a few brands to help you out.

Highlights include the Roku Plus Series TV, a budget-friendly television with wireless audio funtionality that allows you stream free and premium content from hundreds of channels, the first debit card that helps build your credit and increase your credit score, and a desktop receipt scanner that will help keep you organized and prepared this tax season…plus other fun tips and ideas from Mario! Take a look!

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The Roku-branded TVs offer a best-in-class streaming experience that’s equipped with a simple and delightful operating system. The TVs are purpose-built for streaming entertainment and made just for you.

65-inch Roku Plus Series TV

65-inch Roku Plus Series TV

The Extra Debit Card is the first debit card that builds your credit and earns reward points on your everyday purchases. Extra connects to your bank account, so there’s no credit check and you can manage your spending with what you actually have.

Extra Debit Card

Extra Debit Card

  • Available for download and for more information, visit www.extra.app.

The Epson RapidReceipt RR-600W wireless scanner comes with financial software that automatically and accurately processes the information into smart digital assets so users can easily manage finances during tax season.

Epson RapidReceipt RR-600W Wireless Duplex Touchscreen Desktop Receipt and Color Document Scanner

Epson RapidReceipt RR-600W Wireless Duplex Touchscreen Desktop Receipt and Color Document Scanner

*Content Provided and Sponsored by Roku, Extra and Epson America, Inc.

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