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Sofia Vergara Debuts an Affordable Denim Line With Walmart – and She’s Giving Us the Details

Sofia Vergara has been bringing the laughs for seasons on Modern Family , but now the star is inspiring happiness in an entirely new way with the release of an affordable denim line with Walmart.com . The online-only collection includes almost 100 items ranging from jeans and denim jackets to graphic tees, and will offer sizes ranging from 0-20

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Okay, Wow: This Is What Fashion Week Looked Like in the 1980s

Before supermodels, Prada's comeback, e-tailers, Instagram, bloggers, cell phones, Alexander McQueen, and cult brands, there was the decade of fashion that was the 1980s . Power dressing was a phenomenon, and Kevyn Aucoin hadn't yet changed the face of fashion. Jane Fonda had just invented her famous workout videos, and Julia Roberts was about to film a movie with Richard Gere.

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All the Shoe Trends New York Girls Can’t Stop Laughing At

If there's anyone on the planet who has the authority to judge footwear, it's New Yorkers . Experience one day walking around this city in miserable shoes and you're forever changed. With that said, New York girls pick and choose the shoe trends they buy into very meticulously, and we were itching to find out what some of the most stylish women in NYC are buying this season, in addition to what they aren't.  We asked five women who currently have a heavy influence on the fashion scene here in New York which shoe  trends they are currently "laughing at." Some of the responses were due to practicality, while others boiled down to sheer distaste, but in the name of positivity, they also filled us in on the shoe trends they are loving right now.

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