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23 Stylish, Sophisticated Outfits That’ll Help You Show Off That Booty

We've got our closets stocked with denim miniskirts and plenty of cutout, open-back tops that draw all eyes to - you guessed it - our booties. And when we're wearing our high-waisted, flared jeans , we can't help but want to spin around and show off our backsides because, hey, they look fine . But that doesn't mean we're constructing our outfits without sophistication in mind.

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Kendall and Kylie’s New PacSun Collection Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before

Kendall and Kylie Jenner's past collections for PacSun have been bohemian-inspired, easy to wear, and, frankly, exactly what we need to adequately stock our wardrobes. But this Fall, the veteran design duo is going in a different direction. Kendall and Kylie are Las Rebeldes - that's "the rebels," in case you couldn't guess - as they play with fire in their Western-inspired PacSun line, which gets a Spanish touch from bursts of red and embroidered prints that conjure images of a matador

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