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3 Budgets, 3 Smart Skincare Routines Broken Down by Cost Per Wear

Why you'll love it: Smartly formulated for all skin types (from mature to oily to everything in between), this soothing face wash can be used both morning and night and effortlessly rids your complexion of makeup, grime, oil, and dirt.  The cost breakdown: $11 cleanser ÷ 62 wears (one month, morning and night) = $0.18 per wear  Why you'll love it: From kale extract to prebiotics to a radiance-enhancing superfood complex, this nourishing face wash cleans all skin types while infusing even the dullest and dehydrated of complexions with essential nutrients.  The cost breakdown: $25 cleanser ÷ 62 wears (one month, morning and night) = $0.40 per wear Why you'll love it: Yes, this four-in-one cleanser from Tata Harper is a total splurge, but it's absolutely one of the best formulas we've ever scrubbed into our skin. It's user-friendly for all skin types and keeps the skin balanced, moisturized, and luminous.  The cost breakdown: $85 cleanser ÷ 62 wears (one month, morning and night) = $1.37 per wear Why you'll love it: With a clean ingredient list and non-cringe-worthy price tag, this pretty-smelling toner from Burt's Bees does everything you want it to (thanks to MVP inclusions like glycerin, aloe vera, and rose water) while playing nice with every skin type.  The cost breakdown: $11 toner ÷ 62 wears (one month, morning and night) = $0.18 per wear Why you'll love it: Nothing is more satisfying than a multitasking skincare product, and this organic and vegan option from Ursa Major does the job in one fell swoop

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Kylie Jenner’s "Glam Room" Is Even More Impressive Than Her Closet

If you're one of Kylie Jenner's 126 million followers, you've probably caught glimpses of her insane handbag closet , which includes dozens of Birkin bags. But we hadn't gotten a full tour of Jenner's home until now, thanks to Architectural Digest 's new cover . Jenner graces the cover wearing a feathery Marc Jacobs dress in her living room, but a different corner of the house intrigued us the most: her dedicated "glam room." Given that she's made millions of dollars from her beauty brand, it's no surprise that she would create a special space in her home for doing her hair and makeup (or, probably more accurately, a spot for having her glam done for her)

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The SAG Awards 2019: The 20 Best Beauty Looks We Saw on the Red Carpet

In addition to helping us forget about the inevitable Sunday Scaries, award season gets our appreciation for the countless jaw-dropping beauty looks we see on the red carpet. Sure, " Who are you wearing?" might be the most common question asked of celebrities as they make their way over the ruby red stretch, but we're just as curious (and perhaps a little obsessed with) what and who they're wearing on their lids, cheeks, and lips—not just their necks, bodies, and feet

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