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There’s Only 1 Feminine, Floral Dress That Will Leave You Speechless, and It’s Kendall Jenner’s

When most celebrities visit The Ellen DeGeneres Show , it takes about 0.2 seconds until my attention has completely shifted to Ellen herself and whatever hilarious, witty remark she makes upon starting the interview. Not the case when it comes to Kendall Jenner, who walked right onto the stage in this formfitting Vetements minidress that made her legs appear miles - like, hundreds of miles - long

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Ashley Graham’s Retro Swimsuits Just Dropped, and We Are So Bringing a Boom Box to the Beach

It's pretty much impossible to resist buying into Ashley Graham's Swimsuits For All collection , mostly because she does such a great job of promoting it on her Instagram. After she posted a tease of the bright blue ribbed bikini she wore with rollerblades and this throwback chain-link print , we knew we were in for another round of must-buys for our drawer. Sure enough, the new drop has retro charm and a full lineup of varying silhouettes, from monokinis to high-rise maillots in the boldest colors.

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All the Times Meghan Markle Wasn’t Afraid to Show a Little Extra Skin

There's been so much talk about Meghan Markle breaking royal protocol and disregarding certain fashion rules , we just want to scream, "Aren't you tired of harping on her every move?!" - at least when it comes to fashion, anyway. Hello, it's 2019! Meghan should be able to make tasteful - even trendy - style statements while still being regarded as a serious public figure.

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