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Xperia XZ3 gets its own exclusive Google Assistant commands

One of Samsung Bixby’s promises was the ability to control almost every aspect of your phone with voice alone. It didn’t take long for LG to offer those same capabilities in the LG G7 ThinQ but, thankfully, it didn’t reinvent the wheel and teamed up with Google instead to perform those commands through Google Assistant. Now Sony is revealing that … Continue reading

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Stylish Women Never Go to Paris Without These 11 Items

There’s taking a work trip, and then there’s taking a work trip to Paris Fashion Week. We can assure you those are two very different things, and for the fashion industry insiders about to head to the City of Light this week, they rely on a special set of Paris packing essentials that are elevated, practical, and, of course, appropriate for the setting. To get a sense of how some of our favorite women in fashion prepare to arrive at C harles de Gaulle Airport, we asked them about the items they never head to Paris without

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