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This Sharp New Image of Galaxy M 82 Reveals Its Dead Supernovae

This new image of galaxy Messier 82, acquired by astronomers from Chalmers University of Technology, is said to be " the sharpest astronomical image ever taken at very long radio wavelengths." In fact it's clear enough to show tiny, bright dots that are thought to be supernova remnants. Read more...

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Watch This Tiny Side Table Transform Into a Full-On Rowing Machine

It's hard enough to find the motivation to work out when you've got access to a gym, but it's even harder when you have to drag out your exercise gear in a cramped apartment because space is limited. So the creator of the Ram & Row engineered their rowing machine to transform into a stylish piece of living room furniture, allowing you to store it in plain sight when not in use. Read more...

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Ants Are So Passé, You Need a Termite Farm On Your Desk

Is there any better way to relax than being reminded of your species' dominance on this planet while watching a bunch of bugs trapped in a clear plastic enclosure? Not likely

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