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We Want to Pack Up Michael Kors’s Spring ’17 Collection and Take It on Vacation

Not every fashion event leaves you feeling like you've just witnessed pure magic, but Michael Kors's Spring '17 show had us grinning ear to ear. From the get-go, we knew it would be something special: a full band could be seen next to the runway, and Rufus Wainwright, a talented singer and composer, had been tapped to perform. Once those designs made their way down the runway - sigh - we practically melted

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Leave It to Alexander Wang to Transform Your Closet Essentials Into Something With Shock Value

There were blazers and button-downs at Alexander Wang's Spring '17 show, but none of them look like the ones in your closet. The master of street wear turned the concept of wardrobe basics on its head, transforming a button-down shirt into a curve-flaunting dress, a blazer into something far more subversive - neither of which the kinds you'd actually wear to the office

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Taylor Swift’s Outfit May Be Ridiculously Easy, but It’s Also Ridiculously Chic

Getting dressed each morning , we tend to overcomplicate things, struggling to find a statement piece, piling on accessories, trying to channel the hottest It girl, etc. But Taylor Swift knows that a classically chic look isn't as hard to style as we think. For a night out, the star stuck with a formula that always works: a solid top, a solid skirt, and solid sandals, all in the color scheme of black and white

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