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Amazon worker vests let robots know when to slow down

Amazon has supplied its warehouse workers with safety vests that let nearby robots know when they need to slow down. The wearable was designed by Amazon Robotics and is intended to keep warehouse workers safe when they must enter a space where robots roam. Between sensors in the vests and the robots’ obstacle avoidance tech, the machines are better able … Continue reading

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This $20 wearable aims to cut America’s opioid overdose epidemic

As it seems like the opioid crisis here in the US keeps getting more severe, a new accessory may help curb the number of deaths associated with overdoses. Developed by students at Carnegie Mellon University and dubbed the HopeBand, this device is worn on the wrist and keeps watch for potential opioid overdoses by watching for decreases in blood oxygen … Continue reading

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Tesla Model 3 hack puts YouTube and Ubuntu on the dash

Modern cars may be computers on wheels, but even Tesla probably wasn’t expecting Model 3 owners to go to the effort of rooting the EV and running Ubuntu on it. That’s just what one person has spent an estimated 100 hours in doing, though, and in the process confirming exactly what hardware the Model 3’s touchscreen-dominated dashboard runs, as well … Continue reading

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