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Scientists discover new type of magnet with potential to improve data storage tech

A team of physicists from New York University have discovered a brand-new type of magnet that differs from any other known to exist. Called a “singlet-based magnet,” it was found within a compound of uranium and antimony known as USb2, and because it can change between magnetized and unmagnetized states quickly and easily, it has the potential to improve data … Continue reading

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NASA begins search for partners to help land astronauts on the Moon

NASA is taking the next big step toward eventually putting astronauts back on the Moon. The space agency is seeking US-based partners to develop reusable systems for landing astronauts on the Moon, and it will support studies and related work on developing these technologies. NASA published a formal request for proposals yesterday and will be accepting them through March 25

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New Subaru Outback is on the way, but not until later this year

Earlier this week, Subaru unveiled the new 2020 Legacy at the Chicago Auto Show. An all new generation model, the carmaker’s iconic sedan gets a new design for the inside and out, along with refined features and improved technology. Some Subaru fans might be wondering where the company’s other staple vehicle — the Outback — is, and fortunately they’ve confirmed … Continue reading

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