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25 Wedding Reception Dresses That’ll Guarantee a Second Dramatic Entrance

Interested in making a second dramatic entrance at your wedding ? While some brides understandably prefer to wear their wedding dress all night long - nor do they want the hassle of changing - a second dress can oftentimes allow for brides to slip into something a little more comfortable, festive, sexy, or all of the above! What's more, the reception dress might encourage brides to take a risk with a pop of color, interesting silhouette, or jumpsuit they wouldn't have otherwise worn during the ceremony. If all of this is speaking to your soul, then go ahead and browse 25 of our favorite options ahead

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This Bride Had 7 Amazing Looks, Including 1 Cinderella Gown

There's nothing easy about planning a wedding , especially an Indian wedding , where the happy occasion can last up to five days. The perfect example? When my older sister, Shefali, got married to the man of her dreams, Bhavesh

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