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This 1 Pair of Shoes Is the Style Secret All Royals Share – and Nope, It’s Not Nude Pumps

Due to the nature of their role and the many unspoken royal style rules they're required to follow , there are plenty of occasions when members of the royal family dress similarly. It's not uncommon to see Meghan and Kate step out in the same color on the same day , or for Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie to fight over a pair of sneakers , but it's not often you stumble across an item of clothing or accessory that basically every female royal has worn. Related: You're Not Seeing Double - Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Wore Matching Blue Suede Heels Everyone has their go-tos, be it Kate's coat dresses , or Meghan's passion for the bateau neckline , but when it comes to footwear, one style reigns supreme for the royals: navy pumps

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