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Facebook nixes Trending section to prep for ‘future news experiences’

Today, Facebook announced that it is getting rid of the Trending section on its social network. That doesn't mean that the focus is moving away from news, though. In a release, the company said that the feature would be removed to "make way for futur...

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Facebook’s board of directors re-elects Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel, the early Facebook investor and board member who admitted last month to secretly financing multiple lawsuits against Gawker Media, will officially remain on Facebook's executive board, Mashable reports today.

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Mark Zuckerberg chimes in on Facebook’s trending topics

The swirling debate over how Facebook chooses stories for its trending topics section -- and whether it is muffling stories from politically conservative sources -- refuses to go away, and now the company's leader has spoken up. In a post on Facebook...

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