Technology Trends

Raspberry Pi Foundation starts selling products in its first physical store

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has started selling products in its first physical store, making it possible for customers to pop in and grab whatever they need without waiting for shipment…assuming they’re in England, that is. The destination is located in Cambridge, UK, at the Grand Arcade shopping center, where it is open every day of the week. The Raspberry Pi … Continue reading

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FaceTime bug-finding teen gets bounty cash from Apple

Yesterday, Apple delivered an iOS update that fixed an alarming Group FaceTime bug. The issue potentially allowed callers to hear audio and see video from the recipient even before they answer the call, which is of course a major security concern. Though Apple currently finds itself at the center of controversy, it seems the story has a happy ending for … Continue reading

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MIT scientists develop a drug capsule that can deliver oral insulin

One of the most common diseases in the world is diabetes and some people suffering from the condition are insulin dependent. The biggest problem that insulin-dependent diabetics have with treating their condition is the number of needle sticks they have to do each day. These people have to check blood sugar levels, which requires a finger prick, and then have … Continue reading

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