The Connected Life with Andrea Smith

As the world becomes more connected, not only how we experience information and entertainment is changing, but also how we interact with products in our everyday lives. Technology can now help us gain more control of our home, cars, health and staying connected on the go…this includes everything from appliances and security systems to home entertainment, as well as tracking sleep and fitness activities.

Nationally recognized tech expert Andrea Smith partnered with five products designed to help people stay connected at home and on the go. With spring comes a time for renewal and this is when you should think about updating your technology with the latest connected devices as well. Many of these products can enhance your safety, energy savings, convenience and health.

Take a look at the 5 featured connected devices and gadgets below:

Have you ever wanted to use your iPhone as your house key? Now you can!

Schlage Sense System

Schlage Sense ™ System

Schlage’s latest keyless lock innovation is the Schlage Sense system. Designed to work with Apple HomeKit technology, the Schlage Sense system provides consumers with key-free convenience and gives homeowners the choice and flexibility of entering their home using the lock’s illuminated touchscreen or with their iPhone. Through the dedicated Schlage Sense app, users can create and delete access codes, check on lock status and view activity, as well as update settings and check battery life without requiring residents to connect to an existing home automation system. Because the Schlage Sense™ lock works with HomeKit, you can use Siri on your iPhone to “talk to unlock”.

Available this fall. Pricing to be comparable to other similar products on the market.

The Schlage Sense™ system will be available for purchase online and at select retail locations.

For more information, visit


Being able to regulate your home’s water heater, furnace and A/C remotely is a game changer. Check out how simple it is to get started.

Rheem EcoNet

Rheem EcoNet

Developed by Rheem, EcoNetis a smart technology to efficiently manage up to 65% of a home’s energy consumption. EcoNet connects a home’s heating, cooling and water heating systems in a central hub, making it easy for homeowners to manage energy use and maintenance schedules and diagnose problems, whether they are at home or away. Homeowners regulate settings through the EcoNet app on their smartphone or tablet, or a control center mounted in their home.

The EcoNet WiFi module costs $99 and it is available at The Home Depot. Homeowners need this module in order for their EcoNet products to work with the Rheem app.

EcoNet-enabled Rheem water heaters vary in price based upon capacity and fuel type. Homeowers can expect to pay between $450 to $850 for one of these water heaters. These water heaters are available at The Home Depot—in-store and online. Please note, these prices do not include installation, which varies based upon each home’s needs.

Pricing for EcoNet-enabled air conditioners and gas furnaces varies based upon market demands and installers. All Rheem HVAC equipment must be installed by a licensed professional installer. Homeowners can purchase EcoNet-enabled HVAC equipment through The Home Depot’s professional installation program.

EcoNet system and compatible products available for purchase at The Home Depot.

For more information, visit


If you’re looking to get the most out of your smart products around the home, you need to check this out.

Logitech Harmony Ultimate HomeLogitech Harmony Ultimate Home

The Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home is Logitech’s most advanced touch-screen remote, giving you control over a library of more than 270,000 entertainment and home automation devices. The remote integrates a 2.4-inch color touch-screen, vibration feedback and motion-activated backlit buttons for the most intuitive and powerful Harmony experience. Now, with just a few easy steps your remote, tablet or smartphone can control your TV, set-top box, speakers, lighting, thermostat, door locks, window shades and other popular devices.

Priced at $349.99.

Available for purchase at and Best Buy.

For more information, visit

Twitter: @Logitech and #LogitechHarmony

When you are on the go, here is a cool product you’ll want to take with you.

Kingston Mobile Lite Wireless G2MobileLite Wireless G2 5-in-1 Mobile Companion

Increase the storage of your mobile device using USB Flash drives, SD cards or microSD cards up to 2TB. 4640 mAh battery can charge your smartphone up to 2x. Multi-user portable media streaming allows you to stream movies, listen to music and view photos on multiple mobile devices simultaneously. A versatile media reader to backup photos and videos from your camera roll, read SD cards and USB Flash drives from your mobile device, and SD Card/USB Flash drive reader for your PC. With portable Wi-Fi access point to create a Wi-Fi hotspot from a wired Internet connection.

Priced at around $30.00.

Available for purchase at top online e-tailers like Amazon and Newegg.

For more information, visit

Twitter: #KingstonTechnology #Kingston #MobileLiteWirelessG2

We found a wearable that can not only help improve your fitness and sleep, but also help you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Basis Peak Smart WatchBasis Peak

Get fit, motivated and connected with Peak—the ultimate fitness and sleep tracker. Peak gives you a complete look at your activity, fitness and sleep, along with smartwatch notifications so you can work towards a better you while staying close to what matters. It tracks your heart rate 24/7 and automatically detects your walks, runs, rides and sleep—with no button-pushing required. And with occasional nudges to help you reach your goals, Peak’s always trying to help you improve. All in a sleek, comfortable design that goes easily from the workout to workplace.

Priced at $199.99.

Available for purchase at, Best Buy, and REI.

For more information, visit

Twitter: @mybasis

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