Woot! Summer Deals with Chassie Post

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Woot!the site that brings you ridiculously good deals on stuff that you need and stuff that you didn’t even KNOW you needed (but totally do, let’s be honest) is turning 15 on July 12th and to celebrate the brand is bringing you deep discounts and special offers! Score crazy deals across seven different categories of products, including electronics, computers, home and gourmet, and enjoy site-wide events like a 15-hour Woot-Off with new deals launching every 30 minutes and more than 15,000 Bags of Crap, giving you a chance to score an unknown random collection of stuff for just $10.

Offers are limited, so download the Woot! App for you best chance to score the biggest deals and visit Woot.com to cash in on all the birthday celebrations.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/woot/
Twitter: @woot
Instagram: @woot

*Content Provided and Sponsored by Woot!

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