Masonite Performance Door System with M-Protect Multi-Point Security Lock

Enhanced security is made easy with the Masonite Performance Door System with M-ProtectTM Multi-Point Security Lock that is 4X stronger than a standard deadbolt lock *, providing unmatched protection against break-ins. This security enhancement surpasses the highest levels of industry benchmark tests for security, withstanding impacts of up to 480 joules, offering greater protection and peace of mind. Masonite M-Protect is also easy to operate and works like a standard deadbolt, but with more points of contact.

*Testing performed on a door without glass, results may vary for other door styles.

  • Available for purchase through select Masonite distribution partners and will be offered in home improvement retail stores across the U.S. and Canada starting this Spring.
  • For more information, visit
*Content provided by Masonite.

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