Spring Renewal with Mario Armstrong

A new season is here! It’s time to dust off winter, renew and recharge! Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong and IntheNews.tv teamed up with a few brands to highlight ideas to help us swing into spring! From a portable power station and an Easter gift idea, to smart home products and a personal care solution, you’ll want to check everything out here!

Here is a great way to improve your home this spring!

Anker SOLIX F3800 Home Power System

Anker SOLIX F3800 Home Power System

The Anker SOLIX F3800 is the first portable power station to feature AC coupling and support home solar power cycling when paired with the Anker SOLIX Home Power Panel. The F3800 can power homes with the grid and the rooftop solar system simultaneously along with storing excess energy generated by rooftop solar panels during the day for use at night to save electricity bills, or it can automatically provide an instant backup power supply for the home in the event of power outages. Easy installation only takes a few hours by a professional electrician, and with a cost-effective price point, the F3800 is the most accessible home power solution available on the market.

This is something fun to add to the kids’ Easter baskets!

Tonies, the Toniebox and the Blippi Tonie


Hop into a world of screen-free play! The Toniebox is a screen-free audio system designed for little listeners. You just turn it on, pop a Tonie on top and let the audio adventure begin! Your kids are going to have a blast choosing from hundreds of Tonies characters that ‘edutain’ them with stories, songs, guided exercises, and even everyday skills. And it’s so easy to use, even for the littlest of fingers. Each Tonie character prompts imaginative play with lessons in friendship, problem solving, perseverance and more from fan-favorites like Blippi, Sesame Street, PAW Patrol, Disney and more!

  • Available for purchase at Target, us.tonies.com, Walmart, Amazon and other independent retailers.
  • For more information, visit us.tonies.com.

These smart home products will help your daily routine at home.

Roku Colored Smart Light Bulb and Smart Home Indoor Camera SE

Roku Colored Smart Light Bulb and Smart Home Indoor Camera SE

The Roku Indoor Camera SE and Roku colored light bulbs are excellent choices for enhancing your space this Spring. With the Roku colored light bulbs, you can effortlessly adjust the mood, schedule sunrise wake-up lighting, and more, all through the Roku Smart Home app. It’s truly that simple. Never miss a moment with HD video quality, vibrant color night vision, and motion & sound detection all available on the Roku Indoor Camera SE.

Refresh your personal care this spring with this shampoo.

Old Spice Swagger Shampoo

Old Spice Swagger Shampoo

Old Spice shampoos are crafted to help make men’s hair look fuller, healthier, and more moisturized.  That’s because they’re blended with the perfect mix of cleansing and conditioning ingredients for men’s hair. Old Spice Shampoos can be used daily and remove built up dirt and oil to help guys achieve the clean and confident look they need to thrive. With Old Spice shampoos, guys can achieve hair that feels soft while looking thicker and healthier.

  • Available for purchase online or in-store at a retailer near you.
  • For more information, visit OldSpice.com.
*Content Provided and Sponsored by Anker SOLIX, tonies, Roku and Old Spice Hair Care.

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