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Trends Of The Week

Just don’t buy that smart speaker

Alexa isn’t eavesdropping on your every conversation, secretly sharing them with whoever it likes, but even if it was there’s an easy way to avoid that. The latest controversy over smart speakers and the Internet of Things comes down to privacy, as is so often the way, with Amazon’s Echo accused of playing impromptu postwoman with a private chat recorded … Continue reading

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Ask Engadget: Is Instagram creeping on my kid?

The support shared among readers in the comments section is one of the things we love most about the Engadget community. Over the years, we've known you to offer sage advice on everything from Chromecasts and cameras to drones and smartphones. In fac...

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Ooh La La! Bella Hadid Turned Her Vintage Bikini Into a Whole Damn Outfit

A boating getaway in the sun looks pretty good right about now, thanks to Bella Hadid. The 21-year-old model posted snaps from her trip to Monaco on Instagram , sharing sultry bikini pics that will make you say "Ooh la la!" Bella's an expert when it comes to transitioning her swimsuits to street wear , and she put those styling hacks to use again.

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