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Trends Of The Week

What to Wear (and What to Avoid) When You’ve Got a Short Torso

A major part of loving fashion is understanding your body type and what works best for it. Whether it’s determining if you’re an apple or a pear shape  or figuring out how to make those new pumps a tad more comfortable  for your wide feet, it’s all about personalization. That’s why we’re addressing a specific body type today: short torsos

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Apple drops Modern Buckle watch band from US stores

When the Apple Watch was first introduced in 2015, it featured several fancy watch band options, like the magnet-based Milanese Loop, or the Modern Buckle, which resembled a traditional buckle-style band but actually used a clasp to close. It appears Apple has unceremoniously killed off the latter, however, as the Modern Buckle has been removed from online stores in the … Continue reading

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Ben Heck’s Alexa clock crane

While the element14 Community is running a design challenge to help those with mental and physical impairments (which you can join in on), Sean and Connor Miller work with Ben, Felix and Karen to help a family member with multiple sclerosis. Watc...

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