The EnviroMinute series gives a fresh, good news approach to the environment in 60-seconds. Airing nationally, each feature looks at solutions developed by companies around the globe.

Trends Of The Week

Get Ready to Dance the Night Away in These Insanely Comfortable High Heels

Whether you've had to carry a spare pair of flats in your bag to change into, or had to sit out one of your favorite songs because your feet couldn't take dancing anymore, we've all been inconvenienced by pain and suffering that comes along with high heels . Thankfully, many designers have realized that women don't want to choose between fashion and function and have been producing high heels that are actually comfortable . The key to finding painless footwear is to look for options with features like added padding, block heels, and extra support

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Cheza Chromebook with Snapdragon 845 to rival always-on PCs

From Windows S to the new, somewhat disappointing first generation of always-on Windows 10 on ARM PCs, it is clear that Microsoft is worried. Its once unchallenged kingdom in the education and enterprise markets have been chipped away first by Apple and now by Google and its Chromebooks.

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I’m 5’2", and These Are My Favorite Tops

Welcome to the second official installment of my latest series: I’m 5’2”, and… I say official because I feel like I’ve been writing for my fellow petite girls my entire career, but I guess it was about time we made it legit.

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