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Trends Of The Week

I Wore These “Boring” Pants and Now Can’t Stop Talking About Them

I can always appreciate a bold look, one that unapologetically peacocks and makes no qualms about stealing the spotlight, but “boring” can be an equally valuable quality in an outfit. It’s hard not to admire the simplicity of a classic layering tool  or the use of an elevated basic piece . And when I was asked to test drive a new “boring’ item for myself, I jumped

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Waymo talks about its next 10 million miles

Waymo has announced that its self-driving vehicles have eclipsed 10 million miles combined. That huge number of autonomous miles were driven in 25 cities across the US including locations in California, Arizona, and Michigan. The roads included high-speed roads near Phoenix and the urban streets of San Francisco

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Google’s smart home ecosystem has arrived

The building blocks of the "smart home" -- connected lights, plugs and other gadgets -- have been around for years. But they were strung together by a variety of confusing protocols. It wasn't until Amazon's Echo and its accompanying Alexa virtual as...

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