The EnviroMinute series gives a fresh, good news approach to the environment in 60-seconds. Airing nationally, each feature looks at solutions developed by companies around the globe.

Trends Of The Week

7 New Brands Designing the Next It Shoes

Nothing gets me giddier than  discovering a brand-new designer  with a hell of a potential to blow up. It's the reason I can often find myself in a 2 a.m. Instagram hole, eight pages deep, my Saved folder overflowing with new discoveries.

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T-Mobile three-year installment plan is coming soon

24 months is almost like a sacred number in the mobile industry. It’s how long a standard carrier line contract lasts and, consequently, how long you have to pay for the device in installment chunks. It has also become the standard period for warranties and software updates and support.

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The Morning After: Palm, Pixel 3 and Surface Pro 6

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. We'll start with a look back at the life and legacy of Paul Allen, who passed away yesterday at 65. Also, we're taking a peek at Palm's new form factor and digging into reviews for the Pixel 3 family and Microso...

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